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How To Grow Mary-Jane
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For Beginners

So you wanna learn how to grow marijuana but your a beginner so you dont know how. Well here is Step-by-step directions on how to start.

1. You should find a area indoors that is secret and dedicated to growing. First you should line the walls with tinfoil to reflect the light to the plant.

2. Next you will need something to grow the plant in. A aluminum foil disposable pie pan thats about 4 inches deep is good.

3. Fill the pan with soil or topsoil to the top, Water and work the soil so its nice and soft and damp.

4. Then make sure you have lamps facing where the plant is growing. Plants love light. The more light, the faster the plants will grow.

5. Put about 10 seeds spread out in the pan and water and sprinkle a little dirt over them.You should water about 3 times a day. plants also love water.

6. after about 2-3 days the plants will sprout,. Now you really have to take care of them. Extra attention is recommended.

7. after about 6-8 weeks you can harvest your plants. Picking buds is not hard you must snip them carefully.

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Plants love light:

Good lights are simple heat lamps, Flourescent lights and flood lights. They all give off heat which helps plants.

getting to know your plants



Miracle grow in the soil works best regular outside dirt works good

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